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After having sex with us, he told us not to tell our mothers

A 19-year-old shoemaker identified as Sunday Cosmas, a.k.a Apon, has been arrested for allegedly defiling three minors aged five, eight and ten years in Ikotun area of Lagos State.  Crime Guard gathered that the suspect who usually comes to visit his girlfriend,   Ibukun, at No 5b, Balogun Street, Ijegun in Ikotun   raped the three minors in the same location but at different occasions. It was learned that he started sleeping with the eldest victim(name withheld because she is a minor),  last year while she was still  nine years old.

Rape: Victims 5, 8, 10-yr-old girls, at same location
Still unsatisfied with his actions, Cosmas went ahead to defile two other victims.   The 8-year-old was raped on May 6; the 10-year-old was raped on May 10, while the 5-year-old was raped on May 12, 2016.      It was gathered that two of the victims are siblings while the other is from another parent.   It was also revealed that the victims were always present when the suspect made love to his girlfriend in her apartment.

Trouble, however, started after one of the  victims called innocently told her mother that she stopped going to Aunty Ibukun’s house when  Apons  was around because he usually sleeps with her.     Soon after her outburst, a neighbour whose daughters had complained of a similar occurrence confirmed the allegations.

Shocked by the revelations, the aggrieved parents immediately raised an alarm and the suspect was arrested by policemen from Ikotun     division  and later transferred to State Criminal Investigations and Intelligence Department,  SCIID, Yaba,  for further investigation.

Victim’s account

The first victim, Debora (surname withheld), narrated her plight to Crime Guard.   “ I       am five years old.   Apoh  comes to our house always. He would come to the house and ask us to come to the room that he wanted to send us on an errand.   Then he would tell us to go inside the room and remove our pants.   As always, we will not agree but he would do it with force by making us lie on our backs after which he would remove his boxers and have sex with us. Whenever we cry,     he would tell us to come and eat. He has had sex with me twice. He calls us one after the other.”

The second victim,  Aliyat  stated;   “I am eight years old. I am in primary one. He would always take us around our school with his friends. Whenever we close,     he would come home with us.   He does not use the same road with us.   He would use the mosque road. At home, he would sit three of us down, calling us one by one to send us  message. While inside the house, he would tell us to back him, sometimes he tells us to hold the wall or chair. Sometimes, he would give us N20. After having sex with us, he told me that  I  should not tell my mother, if I did, he would kill me.   He has slept with me twice.”

The third victim, Ifeoluwa, also narrated her ugly experience with the suspect. “I am 10 years old. He started having sex with me since last year.   It was my younger sister that told my mother. When it started, it was painful but at a  time,  the pain disappeared. I want the government to do whatever they deem fit.”

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