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Drake professes his love for Rihanna again

Judging by the Instagrams Drake posted last night, two things are clear.
First, he has no problem announcing his obsession with Drakkar Noir to the world.

He wore a T-shirt emblazoned with the logo of the classic drugstore men’s cologne. (Fun fact: He also has a tattoo of the scent’s bottle.)
Drake and Rihanna
Secondly, Drake is still not over Rihanna, at least not according to his socks.
The rapper sported a colorful pair from Rihanna’s latest Fenty x Stance collection.
And don’t think it was just a random top-drawer choice, either.
The socks were patterned with an image of Rihanna from the music video for “Work,” in which they both starred last year.
So what to make of this not-so-subtle sartorial gesture?
Well, for one, Mercury is in retrograde, a time when people from one’s past are said to resurface, and emotions tend to run high. Perhaps this is the rapper’s way of extending an olive branch to his rumoured former love.

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