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Ghanaian Actress Begins #NoPanty Campaign For Ladies

Actress Baby

 Blanche over the weekend launched a campaign to stop ladies from wearing panties.

For the campaign, she is advocating for ladies above the age 18 to stop wearing panties as that is a major cause of the genital infections.

Speaking at the short ceremony to outdoor the Blanch Foundation’s ‘Operation Remove Your Dross’ crusade, the actress disclosed that the vagina is a sensitive part of the body, which needs breathing space.

“Physicians have said that the female genital needs to breath to maintain its PH levels to prevent fungi and odour. In that connection, professional medics in the health fraternity have adviced going bare below when it is bedtime and at the close of the day for passage of air to that vital area.

Baby Blanche further revealed that she has been panty-less for the past seven years, which has saved her from getting diseases.

Experts research and my own experience as well as colleague compatriots, I have come to realize that I, Blanche Worae ( Baby Blanche) and my foundation can say on authority without fear that a lady without panties can leave a healthier life. So am entreating all Ghanaian ladies to join me in going panty-less for healthy life.”

The actress real name Blanche Worae on the day also talked about her first self-produced movie, Trophy which premieres on October 14 at the Siverbird Cinemas.

She asked that fans come out in their numbers at the premiere for gifts would be shared.

Watch her explaining her campaign in the interview below:

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