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HON. IBE ONOH (Nwa Ana Amuluora Na Ngwo) "The Political Revelation" GLOBAL UPDATE


  (Nwa Ana Amuluora Na Ngwo)
"The Political Revelation"


"Many Great men who lived and ignored the Law of Legacy their offspring engendered their nomenclature to become a shadow of its own, but few great men who lived and maintained the Law of Legacy, their offspring live to be greater than them."

This is seen in the life and time of the *ONOH FAMILY * and their Gracious son HON. IBENAKU H. ONOH, the Member Representing Enugu North Constituency in Enugu State House of Assembly.

HON. IBE ONOH was born in the late 80s in *Ngwo* , Enugu North LGA.

An insight on a Young, Vibrant,Humble, Intelligent,Social,Charismatic and Philanthropic Leader.

 *Ibenaku* *Harford* *Onoh* Esq,
 *Nwa Ana Amuluora Na Ngwo*
PhD in-view(Nig)

Mr. Ibenaku H. Onoh attended *Chiazo Nursery and Primary* School, Enugu.
*Federal Government College,* Enugu.

The intelligent young ONOH got admission into the *Holborn College, London* where he obtained Foundation Certificate in Law, in 2005.
In 2006,he proceeded to the prestigious *Brunel University, West London and bagged a Degree in Law *(LLB)*, in 2009.

As a young man who understands that the consciousness of the valuability and inevitability of qualitative education is a panecea to an enviable greatness, he quickly enrolled into the famous University of London School of Oriental and African Studies to obtain his *Masters Degree in Law  *(LLM*) graduating in 2010.
He also acquired a Post Graduate Diploma Certificate in International Relations from the prestigious London School of Economics and Political Science graduating in 2011.

In the same 2011,
IBE ONOH returned to NIGERIA to undergo the *National Youth Service Corps*(NYSC) which he completed in 2012,as well as the one year mandatory Nigerian Law School which is constitutionally enshrined for the prospective Legal Practioners he graduated in 2013.

 *Legal Career

In 2013,
BAR IBENAKU HARFORD ONOH became an Associate at Chief Chris Uche(SAN)'s Chambers, a legal entity that propelled him to gain enormous experience in Litigation, Corporate Practice and High Profile Election Matters.
He was later employed by the Central Bank of Nigeria(CBN) into the Legal Department, a department he diligently served with much understanding to the rudiments and dynamics of Nigerian Public Services.
As a sagacious and visionary young man who understood the *Risk of Entrusting one's All Eggs in One Basket*, he formed his legal firm known as H. I ONOH&Co and according to the norms and ethics of Legal Profession,he became a *Partner at Law*.

In 2017,BAR IBEH ONOH Esq resigned from the CBN to concentrate on the career he Scientifically, Artistically, Professionally, Mentally, Passionately and Economically majored in.

In 2019,BAR IBE ONOH's humanitarian services to his people, respect to elders, kindness to mankind and love for Quality Leadership brought political fortune to him as he got elected through the freest, fairest and most credible election into the Hallowed Chamber of Enugu State House of Assembly as an Honorable Member Representing Enugu North Constituency.

HON Bar IBE ONOH has a unique attribute, and that attribute is HUMILITY.
He is humble to a fault but that fault is not a minus on him but a big plus to him and his political career, because the electorate love a humble leader just as the Enugu people love GBURUGBURU for his unreserved HUMILITY.

HON BAR IBE ONOH is a Ph.D candidate in Law at the University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus. He is also currently the Youngest Member of the House of Assembly in the South East.

HON Bar IBE ONOH is the  Chairman House Committe on Lands and Foreign Investment.


An investigative and Interpretative Journalist.
Writes from Abuja.

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