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Biolography Of Sephy Snazzy

 Ugama stephen Uchechi(born 7th May 1994), known professionally as SEPHY SNAZZY, is a Nigerian singer and songwriter .

He was born in Ebonyi state,Nigeria and he hails from Ebonyi State,Nigeria.But grew up in cross rivers state Nigeria 

He composes songs that enriches the soul,stimulates the inner being and strives to make you a better person physically,emotionally and mentally.

He uses his music to express his feelings,his thoughts,his struggles and tell his story as an artist and as a regular person, that is why it's so relatable to people of all age & race.

It's really crystal clear that SEPHY SNAZZY aims at offering value through his music,nourishing the listener in all ramifications while still using the music to encourage cultural and worldwide diversity and self-development for a better world for us all.

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